90.3FM Lango Broadcasting Service Goes Online

In our commitment to serving you better, 90.3 FM Lango Broadcasting Service has secured State of the Art equipment and thus happy to announce that our programming will now be accessible around the world – online and across all digital platforms, including New- Media channels in REAL-TIME.

Live streaming times for Lango Broadcasting Service LBS 90.3FM

The reloaded LBS will now serve all segments of our Audiences globally and with converged platforms, will illuminate the experience of our audiences with local, national and international content in fulfilment of our promise to transform COMMUNITIES through the power of our COMMUNICATION.

Please follow us on www.lbs.co.ug. The LBS website will carry daily news articles and you can connect to our STUDIOS in Dokolo Town and listen in REAL-TIME to all our news bulletin, talk shows and other exciting Programming, courtesy of our installed Live Streaming Applications and Devices.

Please Subscribe to our YouTube Channel on 90.3 FM LBS Radio and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. LBS RADIO : COMMUNICATION FOR COMMUNITY TRANSFORMATION. Setting Pace in Radio ? and Online Communication.

UPDATED: Our signal has changed to 90.3FM. (Previously 100.5FM)

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