Otuboi Town Council in garbage collection crisis

By Dyson Ebalu


Otuboi town council in Kalaki district in eastern Uganda is struggling to manage town council solid waste.
Leaders in this town council have mainly attributed this persistent problem to poor financing, failure to enforce existing solid waste management laws and regulations, and deprived attitude by the public towards waste collection.
Now leaders and the community surrounding the town council have embarked on voluntary cleaning of the town to improve on their hygiene.
A group of youth on Tuesday 27th July calling themselves ghetto  mobilised and voluntarily cleaned the daily food markets and part of the centre and they were later joined by the district woman Member of Parliament Jenifer Ayo.
Ayo says that much as the job of cleaning the town is tasked to the town council authority, but they cannot do it alone.
‘‘cleaning effort is therefore a great cause, the council needs support from any responsible local person who wants to see the town cleaned up’’, Ayoo added.
Ayo appreciated the team who managed to make the cleaning process a success.
The local council three of Otuboi town council Anthony Ejangu in an interview commended the youth for their innovation of cleaning the town.
Otuboi town council is amongst the new administrative units which became operational this financial year but still grapples to collect garbage as they lack tractors to collect rubbish.