10 Lango Best Schools in UCE 2020 Wall of Honour

By Lango Broadcasting Service (LBS) Radio Editorial.

Lira City.

St Mary’s College Aboke has again emerged as the best UCE performed school in Lango and Northern Uganda with 87% of students passing in Division One.

Dara Christine High School emerged second with 60%, followed by Mentor Secondary School at 44.6% of students passing on Division One.

This is according to the results released by the First Lady and Minister of Education Hon Janet Kataaha Museveni Friday at State House Nakaerso,

The Executive Secretary of UNEB Dan Odongo says there was better performance overall, compared to 2019, with 311,233(4,309 more) candidates passing compared to 306,924 who passed the examination in 2019.”

Out of 48 students who sat at St Mary’s College Aboke,42 passed in Division One and 5 in Division Two.

Out of 56 candidates that sat at Dara Christine High School, 34 got Division one,19 in Division Two and three in Division three making then hirtho number two in Lango.

Mentor Secondary School came third with 44.6% of Students passing in Division one, out of 130 candidates who sat 58 passed in Division one, 61 in Division Three.

At number four is Comboni College with 37.06% as out of 109  who sat,34 got Division one,53 scored division two and 17 in Division three.

Doctor Obote College Boroboro followed at number five with 32.75%.At D.O.C out of 174 students, 57 got Division one, 97 in Division Two and 18 in Division three.

Closely following at number six is Light Vocational Secondary School which had 18.2%.Here, out of 263 candidates who sat 48 got Division one, 86 in division two,81 in Division three and 45 in Division four.

Number seven is the new kid on the block St Gracious Secondary School which got 18% of students passing in Division one,out of the 127 candidates who sat,23 got division one,48 in division two,41 in division three and 15 in Division four.

The sub-region’s first girl’s secondary school, ,St Katherine came in at number eight with 14% of candidates passing in Division One, here 34 got division one,114 in division two,69 in division three and 102 in division four out of the total 229 students who sat.

Lango College came in at number nine with 11%,At Lango College out of 93 candidates who sat 11 got division one,27 in Division two,30 in division there and 24 in Division four.

At number ten is Otuke’ Adwari Secondary School which got 10% of her students passing in Division one, Out of the 234 students who sat,25 got division one,117 got division two,78 in division three and 12 in Division four.

Below is the Full Results of Schools in Lira City and District.

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