Churches, Schools remain closed as President Museveni partially lifts lockdown

By LBS Editorial

President Yoweri Museveni has relaxed some of the guidelines he announced during the last 42 days of lockdown.

Museveni on Friday evening spoke to the nation in a televised address from the State House, Entebbe.

Mr. Museveni started by commending citizens for observing the safety guidelines which the national task force observed and considered the drop of cases to adherence to the standard operating procedures.

Before easing the lockdown, Museveni says if the country opens up fully, the rate of infection will send the country into the 3rd wave of covid-19.

President later announced that curfew time is maintained from 7:00 pm up to 5:30 am to avoid thuggery and breach of socialization which he said is likely to cause disaster. President noted that those who want to drink should do it from the comfort of their homes without necessarily gathering.

He allowed bodaboda to operate up to 6:00 pm while carrying one passenger. Both rider and passenger must wear face masks at all times.

Kikubo which was closed has been allowed to reopen with full observance to the standard operating procedures.

Malls, arcades and other business centers in and outside Kampala city center were open with observance to standard operating procedures. However, failure to conform to the said regulations will lead to full closure.

Burials and weddings have been maintained to strictly 20 people.

Museveni announced that places of worship should remain closed pending review after sixty days. He asked religious leaders and believers to continue embracing the use of online platforms like radios and television.

All outdoor sporting activities are allowed without spectators while indoor sports like gyms, pool tables and others are to remain closed.

Artists are also asked to continue performing virtually as bars and hangout places are closed pending review after 42 days.

Food restaurants and saloons are allowed to operate under strict observance of the standard operating procedures as saunas and steam baths are closed.

Mr. Museveni maintained that schools should remain closed until vaccination of children above 12 years of age are done and directed the Ministry of health to review mechanisms of opening medical schools

In the meantime, President says learning should continue virtually.

In government ministries, departments and agencies that had reduced workers to ten core staff, the President advised that the number can be increased to twenty with strict observance to the SOP’s.

Private vehicles are allowed to move within district borders with 3 passengers including the driver although tourism vehicles and cargo trucks are allowed to operate with full compliance to the guidelines.

Movements in and out of Entebbe international airport to remain open but the President directed the UPDF medical services to oversee screening at the airport.

Public transport has also been allowed to operate at half capacity without air conditioning starting on Monday 2nd August 2021 and it will be reviewed after two weeks.

Food markets to remain open with strict observance to SOP’s but Seasonal markets (super spreaders) are to remain closed.

Conferences, workshops and seminars remain closed although it can happen in consultation with the ministry of health.