Western leaders meet to discuss Ukraine support

Belgium – US President Joe Biden joins fellow Western leaders in Brussels on Thursday for three summits on Russia’s war in Ukraine, a month after the invasion began.


Nato, the G7 and the EU are all holding meetings, in a display of unity rarely seen by the West.


Mr Biden will take part in all three, the first ever visit by a US president to an EU summit in Brussels.


But his visit to Brussels is not just about symbolism.


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has given the Western defensive alliance Nato a renewed sense of purpose. And as the EU attempts to sever energy ties with Russia, it needs to forge and reinforce other relationships, particularly with the US.


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was due to appear by video link at all three summits.


Nato’s 30 presidents and prime ministers will agree greater support for Ukraine and new troop deployments for Eastern allies. Their aim is to show solidarity to Kyiv, though only up to a point.


Many, but not all, have been willing to supply weapons. The UK said it would use both the G7 and Nato meetings to “substantively increase defensive lethal aid to Ukraine”.

But the alliance has also made clear it won’t become more directly involved and Mr Zelensky’s repeated requests for a no-fly zone over Ukraine have pretty much been ignored.


Nor is it clear how Nato would respond if Russia were to dramatically escalate the conflict in Ukraine – such as an attack on a Western weapons convoy, the use of chemical, or even tactical nuclear weapons. Nato’s red lines have so far been drawn at its borders.


Source: BBC


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