Macron reelected as French president

France. Macron has won the French presidential elections confirming earlier projections.

Emmanuel Macron’s win has prompted an immense sigh of relief in Europe against the backdrop rhetoric of a ‘rudderless’ France if Le Pen were to win the French presidency.

Macron had described the final days of his re-election campaign as a “battle for Europe” against the Eurosceptic Le Pen. Emmanuel Macron becomes the first French president to win re-election in France in 20 years. The campaign was brutal though he beat the far right’s Marine Le Pen by a decisive 58.2% to 41.8% (projected results).

In her speech, Le Pen determined that she succeeded in delivering the far right its biggest-ever score in a French presidential election. Her bid emphasised the cost of living crisis and promised a ban on the Muslim headscarf in public places. Le Pen was quoted saying, “A shining victory in itself. The ideas we represent are reaching summits.”

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