Don’t quit your marriage over challenges, Pastor Tom Mugerwa advises followers

Kampala-Couples have been advised not to walk out of their marriages when they encounter challenges but to positively react to them if their unions are to thrive.

The advice was on Friday sounded by Pastor Tom Mugerwa of Mutundwe Christian Fellowship (MCF) church during a thanks giving service for marking 33 years in marriage with wife Justine Mugerwa.

Mugerwa said that there’s no marriage that is free from problems but what makes a difference is how they are reacted to.

“Challenges are every where even in single hood or where you want to run to because satan attacks everyone. We have also had an equal share of challenges but have managed to keep together for all these years because we react positively to them. I want to encourage you to do the same because when you react positively God will keep your marriage but when you react negatively with bitterness and anger etc, you will end up in the media. “Remarked Mugerwa

Pastor Tom and Justine Mugerwa on their wedding day, 33 years ago (Courtesy photo)

The humble man of God also tipped singles on selection of marriage partners. “You should ask God for a man or woman whom you will connect with spiritually, a spouse who will take you to heaven and not one that will lead you to hell. Don’t just look at the financial status or physical looks, ask God to show you his/ heart before you go for them.” Advised Mugerwa

On her part, Pastor Justine Mugerwa recounted the hurdles they went through as a young couple noting that it took the grace of God to overcome them.

Pastor Tom Mugerwa feeding his wife Justine Mugerwa on one of her recent birthday celebrations (Courtesy photo)

“When we had just started out, things weren’t easy. I remember when we went to the hospital to give birth to our first child and went back home on foot. After reaching home, my husband disappeared only to return with posho and prepared for me porridge which I took with pancakes. There’s when we ate cassava for lunch and supper for three good years and the only alternative meal we had was jackfruits. What kept us strong was the love we had and still have for each other.” Narrated Mrs Mugerwa

Pastor Tom and Justine Mugerwa are founders and lead pastors of Mutundwe Christian Fellowship church based in Kampala, Uganda.

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