Jose Chameleone’s wife Daniella wants brother-in-law arrested over domestic violence

By Mathias Mwanga

Daniella Atim Mayanja, wife to top artist Jose Chameleone wants her brother in-law Weasel Manizo behind bars for allegedly battering his baby mama Sandra Teta.

Photos of Teta with bruises and swollen face surfaced on the internet last week with reports indicating that she was beaten by boyfriend Weasle real name Douglas Mayanja.

However, the former Miss Rwanda was quick to deny the reports noting that her face was deformed by thugs who attacked her while at work .

However through her Instagram page, Daniella Atim confirmed that Weasle beats his woman advising her to quite the toxic relationship.

A screenshot of Daniella’s Instagram post confirming that Weasle abuses girlfriend Teta

Different celebrities and other concerned individuals from both Uganda and Rwanda came out to demand justice for the former beauty queen.

Chameleon and his brother Weasel have since released two videos showing Teta in good shape and seemingly enjoying life.

However, netizens have termed this as a cover-up for the domestic violence incident. Daniella also called out her husband Chameleone and brother in-law Weasel to allow Teta rethink her life rather than creat an impression that all is well with her.

Screenshots of Daniella’s instagram posts asking her husband Chameleon to stop covering up for his brother’s actions.

In Thursday’s post on her Instagram page before it was turned private, US based Daniella insisted on the need to get justice for Teta. Daniella said she was doing everything within her means to have the Goodlyfe singer Weasle brought to book for his actions.

She however alleged that the victim was not cooperating to the extent that she hid from her parents who travelled all the way from Rwanda to see how to handle the tragedy that befell their daughter.

It’s alleged that Weasle punched Teta at Nomads Bar in Bunga accusing her of being negligent and not taking good care of their two kids.

Weasel, has a history of domestic violence and his former girlfriends; one Samira and Talia Kassim Katoroogo are some of the victims.

Weasel and Teta started dating in 2018 and together they have two children.

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