Weasel removed from list of performers at comedy store for assaulting ‘wife’

By Mathias Mwanga

Kampala-Goodlyfe singer Weasel Manizo born Douglas Mayanja has begun to feel the ‘heat’ due to his alleged assault on his baby mama Sandra Teta.

On Tuesday, the management of Comedy Store was forced to scrap him off the list of performers at Wednesday night’s show.

An announcement listing Weasle as one of the artists that would be performing at the popular comedy show sparked off anger from fans on social media who accused the show organizers of promoting domestic violence.

New list of performers at Wednesday’s Comedy Store that excludes Weasel

The management of the show led by Comedian Alex Muhangi bowed to pressure and scrapped weasel off the list of performers also pulling down an earlier post including him.

When photos of bruised Teta emerged on social media alongside claims that she was battered by lover Weasel two weeks ago, some members of the public came out to condemn the singer and call for intervention from the responsible authorities.

However, the former Rwanda beauty queen was quick to dismiss the allegations, noting that she was attacked by thugs who also stole her money, a move that was highly disregarded by some netizens.

Pressure to have the singer brought to book continued piling with Danielle Atim Mayanja, wife to Weasel’s elder brother Jose Chameleone alias Joseph Mayanja sharing screen shots of her private conversations with husband on the matter.

This after Teta was paraded in public by Chameleon seemingly fine in an attempt seen by some as a cover up to his brother’s actions. See more here: https://lbs.co.ug/2022/08/04/jose-chameleones-wife-daniella-wants-brother-in-law-arrested-over-domestic-violence/

Police were also forced to intervene in the matter. Speaking at a press briefing on Monday, police spokesperson Fred Enanga said singer Weasel is under investigations over domestic violence allegations and that the public should wait for a comprehensive report.

Weasel and Teta have been dating since 2018 and have two children together.