Dokolo district officials summoned for dressing like ‘watermelon growers’

Dokolo – A group of Health Information Assistants were on Thursday summoned by the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Alex Felix Majeme over poor dress code.

This followed an impromptu tour taken by the new CAO to the different departments.

During the tour, Majeme says he came across the group “putting on like watermelon growers” which prompted him to summon them.

“I’m giving you the first and last pardon.The same goes to all health workers coming to the district and at all times to put on uniforms while at their respective health facilities,” said Majeme

The District Health Officer (DHO) has also been instructed not to attend to any health staff contravening the above provision.

According to the code of conduct and ethics for Uganda public service, a public officer is expected to dress in a manner that is acceptable and as prescribed under the Standing Orders.

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