Gov’t asked to make ICT education compulsory at every level

Kampala- Government has been urged to enforce digital skills at every level of education if Uganda is to achieve a digital economy.

The call was made Friday by Dr. Irene Nakiyimba the Deputy Principal of Uganda Institute of Information and Communications Technology (UICT) during the ongoing New Vision Education Expo 2023 being held at the institute grounds in Nakawa, Kampala.

Nakiyimba noted the need for Uganda to overhaul the academic curricula and make digital education compulsory for all learners.

“We need to start the integration of ICTs at all levels of education right from kindergarten. However small the scope of the curriculum could be, talents are not built when you have grown, a talent is built right from infancy. So, if we are talking about skills a junior citizen who has done ICT from kindergarten throughout will outcompete an ICT graduate at higher tertiary education,” Nakiyimba said while facilitating the first training at the Expo-themed “Leveraging ICT for employment.”

Dr. Nakiyimba also called for customizing digital training for the illiterate so as to create inclusion as the country strives to improve its digitalization processes.

“The challenge we have ignored the illiterates and we continue to focus on people who can read and write. We need to customize because most of our citizens cannot read and write and if we are going to achieve a digital economy, it must be inclusive for every citizen in Uganda,” she said

Meanwhile, Dr. Nakiyimba advised those in formal employment to consistently improve their skills to remain relevant in the job market.

The New Vision Education Expo organized by Vision Group commenced on Friday, January 27th, and will go up to Sunday 29th, 2023. The expo is running under the theme “Where education and the world of employment meet” to drive home the linkage between education and employment.

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