Kafta sentenced to 3 years in prison for torturing teen over man

Kampala – Kira Court has sentenced Queen Kafta to three years in prison for torturing 15-year-old teen over a man.

Kafta, who was charged with aggravated torture and causing grievous harm to her juvenile friend was convicted Tuesday on her own plea of guilt before Kira court Chief Magistrate Roselyn Nsenge.

She was returned to Luzira prison to serve her sentence. Before the ruling, Kafta broke down in court and asked the magistrate not to give her a harsh punishment.

The magistrate ruled that the sentence of 3 years is to serve as a lesson to the convict and to deter other would be offenders from committing the same offence.

Earlier this year, Kafta an 18-year-old student of Trinity College Nabweru and Tanzanian national together with two other females appeared in a viral video torturing Pretty Nicole for trying to snatch her boyfriend.