Anti-homosexuality draft law to be tabled in parliament tomorrow

Kampala – Parliament is to table a draft law on Anti- Homosexuality on Wednesday.

This has been revealed by the speaker of Parliament Anita Among during the ecumenical prayers at parliament on Tuesday morning organised by different religious sects.

She said the law is among others meant to shield Ugandans from elements of homosexuality.

“We can’t allow foreign behaviours to erode away the African morals under the disguise of human rights and foreign aid or support,” she said

She called upon MPs to support her during this trying and tasting moments to ensure that as the second arm of government they succeed in passing this bill.

Among further emphasized that voting on this Anti Homosexuality bill will be by show of hands once a member’s name is read.

Parliament in 2013 passed the same bill but was later challenged in courts of laws in 2014 on grounds of absence of the required quorum to pass the Bill.