Sad! Pupil sodomises 8-year-old after promising him Lato milk

Kampala – A 14-year-old pupil at Plato Children School in Nakawa has been arrested for allegedly sodomising an 8-year old pupil at the same school.

This incident happened after the suspect (names withheld for being minor) allegedly promised to give the victim two sackets of Lato milk after sodomising him.

The suspect then reportedly took the young victim into one of the school dormitories and performed the heinous act on him before he threatened him not to tell anyone.

“……when he started feeling pain in the lower abdomen and stomach area he complained to the sister who interviewed him and eventually established that the boy had been sodomized,” says Fred Enanga, police spokesperson.

He said the school leadership at Plato Children School reported the matter to police causing the arrest of the 14-year-old pupil.

“For schools even if it’s a mixed or a single-sex school we want to encourage management to at least get more watchers within the school, have people positioned especially around the dormitories, bathrooms and even other isolated points of the school to guard against this. We take these children to school knowing very well that they are secure in that school environment so it’s really painful that we have such criminal acts taking place in schools,” said Enanga while adressing a weekly security press briefing at police headquarters in Nagulu, Kampala.

Ugandan parliament recently retabled the anti-homosexuality bill to among other things protect children from such acts.

The bill which was read for the first time on the floor of Parliament on Wednesday last week proposes penalities ranging from 2-10 years’ imprisonment, aiding and abetting and conspiracy to commit acts of homosexuality and related practices.

In 2014 Ugandan lawmakers passed a bill that called for life in prison for people caught having gay sex, although a court later struck down the law.