Uganda tightens security at Eastern border amid Kenya protests

Kampala- Police in Uganda have tightened security along the eastern border line with Kenya amidst protests in the neighbouring country.

Fred Enanga, the Ugandan police spokesperson says security has been put on alert especially in the areas of Busia and Tororo, which are neighbouring Kisumu to address spill over effects that could arise from the protests.

“Like any other protests, there’s always a potential of violence and for that matter we do have contingency plans in place to address any security and safety concerns that may arise along our Eastern border with Kenya,” said Enanga during a security press conference at police headquarters in Nagulu, Kampala on Monday.

The nationwide protests have been planned by opposition leader Raila Odinga over his claim that last year’s election was stolen. He also accuses the government of failing to address the high cost of living. See more here:




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