NIRA kicks off registration program targeting all learners for NINs

Kampala -The National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA) is kicking off a holiday registration program for learners at all their offices across the country.

This, as schools officially close for the first term holiday this week.

According to Osborn Mushabe the Public Relations Manager at NIRA, the program is mainly targeting Ugandan learners who missed out on registration during the previous holiday. It should be noted that the Ministry of Education and Sports requires all schoolchildren to have NINs as their unique identifiers.

“We register all Ugandan citizens including infants but those below the age of 16 only receive National Identification Numbers (NINs),” Mushabe told journalists in Kampala on Tuesday.

He added, “When you are above 16 years, you are supposed to come back to NIRA offices and we do an update according to the information you had provided before and then within just three weeks or a month you are able to receive your national ID.”

To be registered, the applicants are required to provide photocopies of their parents’ national IDs and a NIRA birth certificate.

Mushabe also encouraged Ugandans who are above 18 years and have never registered for national IDs to also use this opportunity and register for them.

“Ugandans who are already above 18 years and have never registered for National IDs, still have a chance to do so.
All you are required to do is pick a form from NIRA offices and take it to be filled by your LC1 chairperson and stamped on by your Gombolola Internal Security Officer (GISO) and the District Internal Security Officer (DISO) attach photocopies of your parents’ National IDs and your birth certificate or any other relevant document to be registered,” said Mushabe

He says it only takes three to four weeks for an applicant to get their National ID.

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