NIRA advises Ugandans on changing National ID particulars

Kampala – Ugandans who would wish to change particulars on their National IDs have been encouraged to apply for the service at all National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA) offices across the country.

Osborn Mushabe the Manager Public Relations at NIRA says the change of particulars on National IDs is provided for under the Registration of Persons Act-2015.

For change of age details, Mushabe notes, an individual is required to present a Statutory Declaration (SD) from a reputable lawyer or law firm and requisite documents like birth certificate, baptism card and academic document among others.

If anyone wants to change his or her name details, a deed poll and a copy of the gazette where the deed poll was published are a must have.

Mushabe says the change of National ID particulars is offered at a fee of Shillings 50,000 which is paid in any bank of one’s choice. He however noted that if the error in the particulars was done by a NIRA enrollment officer, this is done free of charge.

“…if the mistake was committed by a NIRA enrolment officer you don’t have to pay anything we just check in the system and if we find it true. We will give you an exemption letter and register you there and then and in just a month you can pick your national ID,” Mushabe told journalists in Kampala on Monday.

He however warned Ugandans to be cautious while changing their ID details so that they don’t mismatch with those on their requisite documents.

“If you want to change your age or name, you need to be cautious, don’t just change for the sake of it because this might affect you if your particulars don’t match with what you registered in UNEB etc,” cautioned Mushabe

He said thorough investigations are conducted before any changes are made to avoid cases of those who might want to alter their ID details for wrong reasons. “We have cases where some Ugandans who are soon clocking the retirement age want to trim their age downwards, we can’t accept that. We always do investigations and verifications while working with police and other relevant officials before we allow any changes,” Mushabe noted

Meanwhile, the NIRA publicist says lost and damaged National IDs can also be replaced at their district offices countrywide.

“In case you have lost your National ID or you have an ID that is damaged please be informed that we are offering replacement services at our district offices in the entire country. When you lose a National ID, you just need a police letter and you pay 50,000 Shs in the bank,” he says

Mushabe says once one presents the police letter and a bank payment receipt for the above amount, he/she is registered and within three weeks or a fortnight can get their National ID.

“We would also want to caution the public against attempting to falsify information when they are replacing the National IDs. With replacement, we bring back the details that you provide in the beginning,” said Mushabe adding that Section 53 of the Registration of persons act prohibits any citizen from giving them wrong details.

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