DCIC warns against conmen fleecing applicants for immigration officer jobs

Kampala – The Ministry of Internal Affairs Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control (DCIC) has warned Ugandans not to be fleeced by conmen purporting to have the authority to get them jobs at the directorate.

Recently, the Public Service Commission advertised positions of immigration officers attracting an overwhelming number of applicants.

Conmen have reportedly taken advantage of this to fleece unsuspecting applicants.

“We have however received reports of conmen taking/demanding money from unsuspecting applicants around the Ministry of Internal Affairs premises with promises of getting them these jobs. Some of these conmen even use names of senior Officials in the Ministry in an apparent attempt to ‘legitimise’ their fraud,” said Simon Mundeyi the ministry spokesperson in a statement on Tuesday.

He added, “this serves to inform the public that it is only the Public Service Commission that recruits government employees through set procedures as defined by the Commission.”

Mundeyi says nobody at the Ministry of Internal Affairs has the mandate or even the power to recruit or influence recruitment of anybody to these positions

He notes that all those who qualified have already been informed by the Public Service Commission and are going through all steps necessary for their recruitment.

On Monday, Mundeyi told Journalists that 58 applicants had so far reported to them that they had been corned between 2 million Shillings and 5 million Shillings.

“One of them actually when he was promised went back and sold his plot of land to raise 5 million shillings to come pay for these non existent jobs so please take note,” warned Mundeyi

He said these cases have been reported to police and they are carrying out investigations.

According to the Public Service Commission, a total of 34,820 applications were received for the advertised positions out of which 21,800 candidates have been shortlisted for the 218 vacancies.

Winnie Agnes Kabogoza-Musoke, the chairperson of the Public Service Commission says the shortlisted candidates are undergoing aptitude tests that will run up to May 25 at Makerere University College of Computing and Information Sciences.