The Grace Primary School speaks out on pupil’s death

Dokolo – The management of The Grace Primary School in Agwata, Dokolo district has come out to dismiss rumours that it had a hand in the death of one of its pupils.

Deogratious Kamo a primary three pupil at the school died on  May 14, 2023, at Mulago hospital where he had been admitted after being picked from the school unwell.

Over the weekend, a post made rounds on social media from an anonymous source accusing the school of alleged involvement in his death.

The source who claims to be part of the deceased family pins the school for among others its alleged failure to inform the pupil’s parents about his illness on time and not following him up until his death.

In a statement released on Sunday, the school management refuted the report as malicious, slanderous, and defamatory, crafted with ill intentions to tarnish the institution’s image and incite public animosity.

Below is the full statement by the school management

Agwata 21 May 2023 – It is with profound sadness that the management of The Grace Primary School announces the sudden passing of Deogratious Kamo, a cherished pupil in P3 and beloved son of Mr and Mrs David Kamo. Deogratious, who was only 9 years old, joined our school in P2 last year, 2022.

Deogratious had been battling intermittent illness, alternating between attending school and receiving treatment. On the 17th of March 2023, one of our vigilant school matrons noticed Deogratious looking unwell among his classmates. Concerned, the matron took him to the school nurse, suspecting malaria as the cause of his discomfort. However, tests conducted by the nurse turned out negative.

As a first-aid measure and to monitor his condition, the school nurse administered vitamins to help Deogratious regain his appetite. The following day, during the Visiting Day on the 18th of March 2023, Deogratious’ mother visited the school and interacted with one of the matrons, who advised her to seek further medical attention for her son. Permission was swiftly granted for Deogratious to receive proper treatment.

At the time the school granted permission for Deogratious to seek medical care, his condition was feverish but he was still able to walk, talk, and engage in normal activities. He even took his mother to his classroom to showcase his academic performance and interact with his teachers. The school’s hope was that he would receive treatment for a few days and return to continue his studies, just as had been the case with previous students who had fallen ill.

However, on the 26th of April 2023, the school received distressing news through a phone call from someone associated with the family. It was conveyed that Deogratious’ condition had not improved. In response, the Director of the school, Ecuna Emmanuel, immediately travelled to Kampala on the 27th of April 2023, with the intention of visiting and praying for the young boy’s recovery as the Bible teaches us to do. Unfortunately, the person who contacted him prevented him from accessing Deogratious, leaving him stranded at the gate of Mulago National Referral Hospital without any guidance.

Heartbreakingly, on the 14th of May 2023, the school received news from a friend, Yapi Bob, that Deogratious Kamo had lost his battle. The school promptly attempted to connect with the family to extend its support during this difficult time. However, these efforts were unsuccessful, and Deogratious was laid to rest without the school’s direct involvement. Nevertheless, the school’s spirits and thoughts were fully engaged, and prayers were ordered for the eternal repose of the innocent soul of Deogratious.

We feel compelled to address a post circulating on social media that portrays the school in a negative light regarding our care for our students. We categorically state that this post is malicious, slanderous, and defamatory, crafted with ill intentions to tarnish our reputable institution’s image and incite public animosity. We demand to know the author’s identity responsible for this misleading message. Our internal investigation has revealed that the author is not a parent of any student enrolled in our school. Furthermore, we have not received any complaints from the parents of Deogratious Kamo.

We invite anyone with concerns about the school to visit us directly and seek answers to any questions they may have. Our doors are open, as The Grace Primary School-Agwata is a public institution. Regrettably, it has come to our attention that a few individuals from Agwata/Adok sub-county, who are native to the area, have been attempting to undermine our school. We find this deplorable and regrettable, as we believe in supporting development rather than fighting against it.

In light of this information now in the public domain through social media, we wish to clarify certain facts:

1. The school was established in 2016.

2. The passing of Deogratious Kamo is the first instance where a student had to be taken out of school for treatment and unfortunately did not return.

3. Deogratious had cleared all his school dues prior to the Visiting Day, contrary to the misinformation circulating on social media.

4. It is important to note that The Grace Primary School is not a treatment center. We provide first aid to our students.

5. The school takes exceptional care of its learners, employing qualified, professional, and dedicated staff for this purpose.

6. Our institution has a strong foundation in faith, which is evident in the lives of our students and staff.

7. Efforts were made by the school’s director to visit and provide moral support and prayers for Deogratious at Mulago National Referral Hospital. However, access was denied by someone claiming to be associated with the family.

8. The school learned about the passing of Deogratious Kamo through a school friend and did not possess any spiritual means of obtaining this information.

9. The school reached out to the family following the child’s passing, offering support for funeral expenses, which the family declined.

10. Unfortunately, the school was prohibited from attending the funeral by an alleged family member via a phone call.

In conclusion, if the bereaved family of Deogratious Kamo believes that the school had any involvement in his passing, we humbly pray for God’s comfort and solace to envelop their minds and hearts so they may objectively seek the truth. We hold our students dear, as they are the cornerstone of our existence, and we are committed to nurturing a purposeful generation for our nation and the world through our institution.

The loss of Deogratious Kamo is deeply felt by the school, his parents, and the nation. However, we find solace in knowing that his pure innocence has gained a place in the heavenly Kingdom.

To the grieving biological or surrogate parents of Deogratious Kamo, may God’s comfort be with you.

To the people of Lango and to all people of faith, may we find unity and support, avoiding conflict as we journey together in this world.

For further information or inquiries, please contact:


The Grace Primary School, founded in 2016, is a reputable educational institution committed to providing excellent care and education to its students. With a strong foundation in faith, the school aims to cultivate a purposeful generation for the betterment of society and the world.


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