Over 30 war claimants in Dokolo not on compensation list

By Stephen Opio

Dokolo – At least 34 war claimants from Dokolo are likely to miss their pending payments due to a communication gap between district authorities and beneficiaries.

This was realized after some of the affected beneficiaries visited the office of the Chief Administrative Officer for an update about the ongoing compensation but found their names missing on the original list sent to the district from the office of the Attorney General.

Peter Otim one of the beneficiaries from Apye Parish Adok Sub-County who is claiming for his 60 cattle, 20 goats, and 10 sheep expressed his dissatisfaction with the displayed list noting that some of the people listed benefited in the first phase.

Otim wondered why 34 out of the 161 names of the beneficiaries sent from the office of the Attorney General in September for verification were missing.

Ambrose Ogwang Awitong, LC5 NRM flag bearer (2021-2026) expressed fear that lack of supervision and laxity from the political leaders and technocrats may contribute to the failure of Dokolo War claimants to get their payment.

As a concerned citizen, Ogwang issued a one-week ultimatum to the office of the district CAO to produce the 34 missing names and display them for verification before the list is submitted to the office of the Attorney General for payment.

The CAO Richard Madete in his statement distanced himself from hiding the information saying after receiving the list he immediately pinned it on the noticeboard for display.

When asked about the 34 missing beneficiaries, Madete said someone could have tampered with the list and plucked off the names but noted they are doing all it takes to rectify the error.

Regarding the authenticity of the list, Madete said ever since he pinned it on the noticeboard two weeks ago, his office hasn’t received any notification about any errors that need rectification.

Madete instead blamed the sub-county chiefs for not displaying the list in time for easy verification.

When our reporter checked on some of the sub-county noticeboards including Dokolo town council, nothing like a list of beneficiaries was pined contrary to the CAO’s statement.

In Okwalongwen, the LC3 Chairperson Peter Okuta said no official communication was made about the list but only saw it on social media and nothing is on the sub-county notice board.

Dokolo sub county LC3 chairperson Bosco Adoko Ogwal Opio also says no official communication was made.

Sources from other districts like Amolatar, Alebtong, Kwania, and others confirm that the said beneficiaries’ lists were sent earlier to all districts in Teso, Lango, and Acholi for verification.

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