UICT Prepares to shine at the 3rd National Science Week: A Glimpse into Uganda’s Sci-Tech Renaissance

Kampala. Uganda Institute of Information and Communications Technology (UICT) is actively participating in the ongoing 3rd National Science Week, which commenced on November 6th and will run until the 11th at the prestigious Kololo Independence Grounds in Kampala. Dr. Monica Musenero Masanza, the energetic Minister for Science, Technology & Innovation, electrified the nation when she announced this remarkable event back on September 27th.

A Science-Led Journey to Economic Transformation

This year’s theme, “Uganda Tusimbudde: Our Science-Led Journey Towards Socio-Economic Transformation,” sets the stage for an immersive week-long experience, where attendees can explore Uganda’s incredible journey of scientific transformation. The event is set to host over 400 exhibitors, attracting regional luminaries, with the distinguished presence of President Museveni as the Chief Guest during the grand inauguration.

Eighth-Thematic Approach to Economic Revival

Dr. Musenero unveiled an ambitious plan, emphasizing the Secretariat’s unwavering dedication to eight critical thematic areas propelling Uganda towards a science-driven economic renaissance. These thematic areas include the Pathogen Economy, Mobility, Industry 4.0+, Export-Targeted STI, Import Substitution, Infrastructure Innovation, Productivity Acceleration, and the awe-inspiring domain of Aeronautics & Space.

Nurturing a Youth-Driven Tech Generation

As of July 2023, Uganda boasts an astonishing average age of 16.3 years, signifying a generation nurtured in an era of remarkable technological diversity and rapid progress. Dr. Musenero affirmed the Secretariat’s commitment to tailoring its strategies to meet the unique needs of this young demographic by spearheading innovations tailored to their demands.

AI-Powered Innovations and The Future of Learning

Underpinning these initiatives is the dynamic use of Artificial Intelligence to enhance industry and production, groundbreaking progress in vaccine and drug development, space exploration, and advancements in transport and mobility. These endeavors highlight Uganda’s dedication to science and technology, as demonstrated by its impressive rise in the Global Innovation Index, ranking 119th out of 132 countries in 2022.

Fostering Innovation with the National Science Technology Engineering and Innovations Center

To further catalyze innovation, Dr. Musenero revealed plans to establish the National Science Technology Engineering and Innovations Center along the prestigious Masaka Road. This hub will nurture Ugandan innovations, providing essential support for these groundbreaking concepts to compete globally.

Innovations Powered by UICT

UICT is participating in this years Science Week showcasing several inventions and innovations that have been catalyzed by its mentorship and training of students. Furthermore our incubation programme through the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance powered through the National Innovation Hub has led to many successes. Some of which shall be showcased at the Science Week and include; the AI-powered walking stick for the blind, a new take on the ‘Mukene’ (silver fish) dryer, home-grown and developed microcomputer by Microfuse and others.

Your Opportunity for Growth: UICT’s Microsoft Unlimited Potential

To celebrate this, UICT is offering one-month short courses at highly subsidized prices in Microsoft Unlimited Potential, for which certificates will be issued to those completing the courses. The 3rd National Science Week marks an incredible chapter in Uganda’s journey towards scientific and technological progress, and UICT continues to play a pivotal role in this remarkable transformation. Stay tuned for more remarkable developments during this National Science Week.

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