Shocking! Kaliro man commits suicide after wife refuses to prepare him chicken

Kaliro – A man in Kaliro district committed suicide by hanging after his wife refused to slaughter their chicken and prepare it for supper.

The deceased has been identified as Goerge Franko Molalo a 27-year-old peasant of Mahumu village, Lukakamwa parish in Kaliro district.

It is alleged that on December 1, 2023, at around 7:30 pm, Molalo returned home with an appetite to eat his hen and instructed his wife Namugele Babirye to slaughter it but she refused.

Out of anger, Molalo reportedly decided to pick a rope and went to the bush where he hanged himself on a tree.

“His mother and the wife looked for him throughout the night but couldn’t find him till the following morning of 2nd December around 8 am when he was found in the garden hanging on a tree,” said police spokesperson Fred Enanga on Monday

Enanga castigated the incident saying, “This portrays a bad image. These are simple things that can easily be resolved.If your wife refuses to slaughter the hen, do it yourself or go to the trading center and order for chicken, eat it, and then go back home. I think some of these people are possessed in one way or another.

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