Man intercepted with snake at Internal Affairs Ministry

Kampala – Security personnel at the Ministry of Internal Affairs headquarters were left in shock after a man tried to access the premises with a snake in his bag.

The cobra snake, was discovered as the security officers checked the man’s bag at the gate as he tried to enter the ministry headquarters.

According to Simon Mundeyi the ministry spokesperson, when the man, whose particulars have not been disclosed, was asked where he was taking the snake, he said that he moves with it because it’s his ‘brother’

“We have over time intercepted people carrying all types of strange items, including most recently, somebody came with a bag with a very big snake that thankfully our security personnel handled otherwise it would have caused a problem at the ministry,” said Mundeyi

Mundeyi urged members of the public seeking services at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, not to come with heavy bags or any other necessary paraphernalia that may be construed as a security threat.

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