Raise Police Salaries to Match Army Officers- Retirees

Kampala. Retiring police officers in Uganda have called on President Yoweri Museveni to address the salary disparity between senior police officers and their counterparts in the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF).

Joseph Obwana, retiring Deputy Director for Interpol-Uganda on 12 December 2023, representing 233 officers retiring from active service, delivered this message. Obwana, holding the rank of Senior Commissioner of Police (SCP), highlighted the stark difference in salaries between police and military officers. While he earns 2.5 million shillings monthly, equivalent to a Lieutenant General in the army, his military counterparts earn over 13.5 million shillings.

The recent salary rise for UPDF Generals, Colonels, and Majors further exacerbated this gap, with four-star Generals now earning 15 million shillings compared to Assistant Inspector Generals of Police (AIGPs) who earn 2.9 million shillings monthly.

Obwana appealed to President Museveni to address this inequality, citing the demoralizing effect it has on retiring police officers. He emphasized the need for equitable treatment, especially considering the exciting retirement packages received by retired military officers.

Among the retiring officers is Obwana, who served for close to 40 years, retiring alongside 212 others from various ranks within the police force. During the retirement event, Prof Samuel Ssejjaka encouraged retirees to leverage their experience by venturing into private security services, such as consultancy, rather than letting their years of service go to waste.

Jesse Kamunanwire, Director of Police Human Resource Management, and Deputy IGP Maj Gen Geoffrey Katsigazi Tumusiime advised retirees to prioritize their health, embrace the new normal, and make informed investments for their future.

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