Prominent Businessman Reveals UGX 2 Billion Robbery at Ambassador Nekesa’s Residence

By Staff Writer

Kampala. Hajji Suleiman Mafabi Lumolo, a prominent business figure in Mbale, has disclosed to investigators that the robbery at his Muyenga residence not only resulted in the loss of his wife’s Shillings 41 million but also led to the theft of his substantial Shillings 2.2 billion.

The robbery is suspected to have been orchestrated by five police officers and involved an attack on Ambassador Barbra Oundo Nekesa, who was alone in the house on December 05, 2023. Investigations revealed that the officers were invited by a counterterrorism policeman, Michael Wango, who had been guarding the home. It is believed that Wango, aware of significant sums kept in residence, facilitated the attackers by disabling security measures and orchestrating a cover-up to make the robbery appear as the work of strangers.

Once inside the compound, the suspects Arinda, Idro, Nuwagaba, and Mugoya attacked the maids in the boy’s quarters, compelling them to open the main house. The maids, under threat of guns, led the police officers to Nekesa’s bedroom, where they demanded money. “While inside, the group packed the money in five bags and also took an iPhone. They afterwards took the money into the banana plantation where a bodaboda rider Josh Kalinda was waiting for them,” investigators said.

The assailants spent over 10 hours on the property, eventually leaving with Shillings 2.2 billion and erasing evidence from the CCTV cameras. Subsequent investigations led to the arrest of additional suspects, bringing the total to 12, who were found sharing the stolen funds.

Among the suspects are Samuel Opio, Patrick Aponyo, Matia Lulangwa, Pallaso, and Masembe.

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