Joint Council meeting in honor of the late Cecilia Atim Ogwal

Dokolo. The Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) of the Lango region express profound appreciation for the late Hon. Cecilia Atim Ogwal, recognizing her invaluable guidance and intelligence-sharing.

Known for her resolute tenacity and unwavering commitment to truth-telling, Atim Ogwal has left an enduring legacy. At a Joint Council meeting at Dokolo Technical School held in her honor, George Abdul, speaking on behalf of the Deputy Dean of RDCs, emphasized Cecilia’s pivotal role in mentoring and fostering peace in Lango. Notably, she actively supported security initiatives, notwithstanding her opposition political stance.

Abdul highlighted Cecilia’s unwavering dedication to the work itself, transcending political divides to ensure collaborative efforts for the welfare of the people. He expressed pride in the years spent with Hon. Cecilia, noting how she imparted lessons in management, business, life, and being supportive to the RDC fraternity, facilitating intelligence gathering, and community policing.

Barbara Akech, RDC Dokolo, affectionately depicted Cecilia as a crucial security supporter, crediting the late legislator for her stability in the role.

Akech recounted how Cecilia, despite being a prominent FDC figure, warmly welcomed her upon arrival in Dokolo. The late legislator appreciated Akech’s efforts, providing motivation even in an opposition district, and spoke kindly of Akech to President Museveni.

Similarly, Patience Baganzi, the Dokolo District Police Commander, expressed deep gratitude for Cecilia Ogwal’s support, particularly in acknowledging her work before the president.

Baganzi noted: “She was remarkably objective with a sense of humor and could always correct anyone at any time.”

The final resting place for Cecilia Ogwal is scheduled for Saturday, January 27th, at her marital home in Alito sub-county, Kole District.

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