Labor Junior School Celebrates Academic Success Amidst Calls for Social Reform

Nakaseke. Celebration and solemn commitment to social change marked the atmosphere in Nakaseke, as Labor Junior School hosted a significant certificate awarding ceremony for its students. The commendable academic outcomes of the pupils were the highlight, with an impressive 20 out of 25 students securing a first grade, and the remaining 5 achieving second grade, maintaining the minimum aggregate at a notable 14.

Pupils awarded with scholastic materials in recorgnition of their efforts

The ceremony was adorned with more than just the usual fanfare of academic accolades. In a generous act of support and recognition for the students’ hard work by Hon. Rwakajara Arinaitwe, every pupil was gifted a mattress, ensuring that their stellar educational performance was materially acknowledged and that they were provided with a comfortable environment conducive to learning.

Hon Arinaitwe Rwakajara speaking at the ceremony

Presided over by revered local figures, the Reverend Deacon Akiiki and Honourable Rwakajara, the event was further dignified by their presence. These honourable guests took an active role in the proceedings, bestowing certificates and mattresses to the young scholars. Their participation was emblematic of the high regard in which education is held in the community.

During the ceremony, however, the focus widened from educational triumphs to confronting a dire social issue afflicting the locality. The Honourable Rwakajara utilised this platform to vehemently denounce the unsettling trend of parents marrying off young daughters for financial gain. In his address, he condemned what he considered the sale of young girls in the pursuit of “cheap wealth,” vowing to stand against such malpractices that undermine the innocence and future of the girls involved.

The event thus served a dual purpose: It acknowledged the significant academic strides made by the students of Labor Junior School and also cast a spotlight on a harmful cultural tradition, galvanising efforts towards its eradication. Through his strong denouncement, Honourable Rwakajara reaffirmed his dedication to fostering a community where young girls are valued not for the wealth they can bring, but for the potential they harbour.

In celebrating the success of the young scholars while simultaneously challenging regressive cultural norms, the function at Labor Junior School in Nakaseke illuminated the path towards a brighter future, one where academic achievement and social progress walk hand in hand.

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