Candidates given one week to campaign ahead of Dokolo by-elections

By Ouni Jaspher 

The Electoral Commission (EC) of Uganda has taken a significant step towards enhancing Dokolo district electoral process by launching its roadmap and how it will be conducted for the upcoming by-elections. 

The launch ceremony held at Dokolo technical school on 12 February 2024 marked the early release of these plans to provide ample time for political party players and stakeholders to prepare adequately for a smooth, free, and fair electoral process.

According to Justice Byabakama Mugenyi Simon the chairperson electoral commission, the campaign period is scheduled for 13th -19 March shortly after the nomination of candidates on 11-12 March 2024.

“The by-election for Dokolo women member of Parliament Will take place on 21 March 2024 and campaign will be for one week” Byabakama said.

Dokolo district woman representative seat became vacant following the death of Cecilia Barbara Atim Ogwal on January 18 in an Indian hospital. She was laid to rest on January 27 in Kole district.

According to the by-election roadmap issued by the EC chairperson on February 12, voters in Dokolo district will also elect the Sub county councilor for Adagmon parish, Sub county councilor male for Bata sub county, Sub county councilor male youth for Bata town council, Sub county councilor woman Agoga Parish in Kwera, Sub county councilor Apyen-nyang parish, Sub county councilor older person Kwera.

“The commission received the notice for the vacant position for Dokolo woman member of Parliament on 24 January but we were out of office and therefore the statutory deadline for holding the by-election is 24 March 2024” he said.

The commission then warns candidates against holding rallies on public roads and appeals to political parties to make their voters to observe rules and regulations during the by-election.

Other activities within the process are updating voter register which has started February 12 and will end on15 February on Thursday next week and displaying names scheduled for February 21 – 1st March.

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