NRM Chairperson, other candidates decline to step down for Party flag bearer in Dokolo by-election.

By Ouni Jaspher 

The chairperson of National Resistant Movement (NRM) for Dokolo district Mrs Abang Beatrice Molly and 3 other candidates have said they will not step down in favor of flag bearer in Dokolo district woman member of Parliament by-election slated for March 21.

The electoral commission received the notice for the vacant position for Dokolo woman member of Parliament on 24 January following the death of Cecilia Barbara Atim Ogwal, 77, on January 18.

According to the by-election roadmap issued by the Electoral Commission chairperson Justice Byabakama Mugenyi Simon on February 12, voters in Dokolo district will also elect the Sub county councilor for Adagmon parish, Sub county councilor male for Bata sub county, Sub county councilor male youth for Bata town council, Sub county councilor woman Agoga Parish in Kwera, Sub county councilor Apyen-nyang parish, Sub county councilor older person Kwera.

During the NRM party first engagement held on February 17, at NRM office in Dokolo and Dokolo Catholic parish, Mrs Abang Beatrice Molly, the party chairperson, Rebecca Arao, Irene Amongi Ajwika and Dr. Lalam Anna Grace Atine who are members of NRM party refused to step down in favor of flag bearer Janet Rose Adong known as Adongo Elau.

Abang Beatrice Molly told this website that she is not ready to step down because she has worked for the party since 1986 and she has set a system that can run without her at district level.

They claim that they have moved too far to mobilize people to vote for them and because for the love of their party, they are going to run as independent candidates in Dokolo by-election.

Meanwhile Lillian Auma Okullo and Judith Ayugi cancelled their decision to run against flag bearer Janet Rose Adong Elau in the forthcoming by-election.

Rosemary Nansubuga Seninde, the NRM director for mobilization, training and cadre development who attended the meetings told journalists that much as the party constitution does not support those candidates to contest against flag bearer but the Constitution of Uganda gives permission to anyone to contest.

However, she refuted claims that NRM party always gives money to its members going against flag bearer, Seninde refuted the allegations saying NRM party does not buy candidates.

She attributed the overwhelming numbers of candidates in Dokolo by-election to peace and quality education that NRM party has provided to the country while in power.

Emmanuel Dombo, the director of communications at the ruling National Resistant Movement party (NRM) told NRM party supporters that they should rally behind flag bearer in this by-election.

Dombo said another meeting will be held on February 22, at Dokolo technical school to lay strategies and make sure NRM candidate go through.

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