Sub County Chairperson in Kotido Arrested over Missing Iron Sheets

Simon Peter Lokonyen and Christine Nameja the Kapeeta sub-county Chief who is currently on the run are accused of taking away ten iron sheets from the reformed warriors who benefited from the ongoing distribution program.

In Kotido District, police have arrested Simon Peter Lokonyen, the LCIII Chairperson of Kapeeta Sub County, for allegedly taking government-provided iron sheets from reformed warriors. The sub-county chief, Christine Nameja, who is currently on the run, is also accused of being involved in the theft of ten iron sheets from the beneficiaries of the ongoing distribution program.

Authorities also recovered 135 iron sheets stored at the sub-county headquarters. The arrests followed a report filed by Peter Lodia and Robert Loden, both reformed warriors, at Kotido Central Police Station. The report accused sub-county officials of taking back iron sheets previously distributed by the Office of the Prime Minister.

Lodia, a reformed Karamojong warrior, claimed that the sub-county chief took five iron sheets from the iron sheets he had received from the government. He expressed his frustration at the leaders’ actions, emphasizing the unfairness of the situation given the hardships faced by the community. He believed that their leaders should be advocating for more support instead of stealing from them.

Robert Loden, another beneficiary, accused the LCIII Chairperson of taking ten iron sheets from him, leaving him with only sixteen out of the twenty-six he initially received.

Isiah Lokech, the LCV Councilor for Kapeeta Sub County, confirmed the arrival of the iron sheets at the sub-county and the smooth distribution process led by security forces. Lokech condemned the theft, describing it as shameful for officials to take iron sheets from vulnerable people instead of helping them build their houses.

Lokech revealed he had received seven complaints from beneficiaries across five parishes.

Robert Kacuma, the Kotido District Police Commander, confirmed that an investigation into the matter had begun and that the sub-county chairperson had already been arrested. Kacuma emphasized that the police were closely monitoring the distribution to ensure the intended beneficiaries received their items.

John Lukooki Magezi, the Kotido Deputy Resident District Commissioner, warned local leaders against sabotaging government programs by stealing from vulnerable communities. Magezi received multiple complaints about leaders who allegedly wanted to misuse the iron sheet program for political gain.

Magezi reiterated that the iron sheets were meant to benefit only reformed warriors who had embraced peace and were a token of appreciation from the government.

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