NRM Gains Upper Hand in Dokolo By-Election, Survey Shows Wide Lead Over Opposing Parties

By our Team,

Dokolo – 22nd February, 2024.

Dokolo district is witnessing a robust political atmosphere as the National Resistance Movement (NRM) asserts its presence and gathers increased support in the forthcoming by-election in a bid to secure the vacant Dokolo woman representative seat. 

A recent independent survey conducted by LBSNews Day, an online news website has revealed a strong lead for the , NRM flag bearer, Janet Adongo Elau, and the dynamics within the district portray intriguing shifts in voter preferences and party support.

Traditionally staunch NRM supporters are undergoing a collective reevaluation as they acknowledge a history of voting for Cecilia Ogwal, a prominent figure from the Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), due to her admired vocal leadership style. 

However, the recent survey signals a potential major reversal in this trend, as the NRM’s flag bearer, Janet Adongo Elau, emerges as the frontrunner followed by the UPC Sarah Aguti according to preliminary results.

Notably, the surge in backing for the NRM candidate comes on the heels of a well-timed visit by key members of the NRM Secretariat, which included Rosemary Nansubuga Seninde and Emmanuel Dombo. Their presence and rallying call for NRM supporters have seemingly bolstered Adongo’s momentum and galvanized party loyalty.

Analysis of the survey results reveals that Adongo has secured considerable support across Dokolo district, leading in 9 of the 14 sub-counties and town councils, including Adeknino, Okwalongwen, Dokolo town council, Dokolo sub-county, Bata town council, Amwoma, Agwata Town Council and Okwongodul.

Meanwhile, the Independent candidate, Dr. Lalam Anna Grace Atine, has garnered notable support in specific areas, highlighting the diverse array of candidate preferences among constituents.

 However, the FDC members, Rosemary Alwoc Ogwal, Abang Beatrice Molly, Rebecca Arao, Irene Amongi and independent candidate Dr. Esther Akullo Obot, are ranked low as voters express concerns about their understanding of the local issues and are viewed as late comers who need time and further scrutiny by the voters.

The survey findings, extracted from a diverse range of sources including radio show discussions and direct interactions at political hubs, paint a compelling picture of the evolving political landscape within Dokolo district. 

Moreover, community members and NRM leaders, such as Kiria James and Jamila Auma, have weighed in on the impactful nature of the NRM Secretariat’s engagement, emphasizing the historic potential of this moment as the NRM seeks to lead Dokolo in the capacity of a woman member of Parliament for the first time since 2006.

In an interview with our reporter, Judith Acar from Okwalongwen sub county predicted that NRM Janet Adongo will emerge victorious in the forthcoming by-election. 

Peter Opio from Kwera, told this website that NRM has upper hands to win this forthcoming by-election after the Secretariat clearing the ground that people should rally behind flag bearer.

Amidst these developments, the forthcoming campaign period, scheduled for 13th to 19th March, is set to be a critical juncture, as candidates gear up to present their platforms and engage with voters in the lead-up to the by-election.

 It is expected that Ambitious electoral strategies and targeted outreach initiatives will shape the course of the campaign, particularly in the identified influential sub-counties of Okwalongwen, Dokolo sub-county, Adok, Amwoma, Adeknino, and Dokolo town council. 

The Dokolo woman representative seat became vacant following the passing of Cecilia Barbara Atim Ogwal on January 18, marking a transformative moment in the district’s political trajectory. 

As the campaign period approaches, the electoral commission, led by Justice Byabakama Mugenyi Simon, is taking necessary steps to ensure a fair and transparent electoral process, underscoring the significance of this by-election as a crucial turning point for Dokolo’s parliamentary representation.

The developments in Dokolo signal a dynamic shift in political alliances and voter sentiments, encapsulating a moment of transition and transformation as the district prepares to chart a new course in its parliamentary representation. 

A total of 30 registered voters from each of the 14 sub counties were interviewed making a total of 420 respondents. This website will conduct weekly independent surveys to bring you the unfolding voter perceptions with more details on how each candidate is fairing on the ground. 

This comprehensive news story provides an insightful analysis of the unfolding dynamics within the Dokolo district and its implications for the forthcoming by-election, highlighting the multifaceted nature of candidate support and voter sentiments that will shape the district’s political landscape in the days to come.

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