POA leads campaign for Cecilia Ogwal’s daughter

By Ouni Jaspher

Dokolo. The political arena in Dokolo is heating up as the Dokolo by-election draws closer. 

Amidst the wave of candidates vying for the parliamentary seat, another name stands out in terms of endorsements and support – FDC party president Patrick Oboi Amuriat.

Amuriat, a seasoned politician and respected figure in the FDC party, has taken the lead in campaigning for the late Cecilia Ogwal’s daughter, Dr Alwoc Ogwal Austin Rosemary. 

His unwavering support for late Cecilia Ogwal’s daughter Dr Alwoc Ogwal Austin Rosemary has not only garnered attention but also brought to light the admiration and respect he has for the late Cecilia Ogwal.

In a recent statement, Amuriat praised the late Cecilia Ogwal as his mentor, highlighting her dedication to Uganda’s Politics and advocacy for girl child education.

Late Cecilia Ogwal was a remarkable woman who fought tirelessly for the rights of women and marginalized communities. 

Her legacy continues to inspire us, and her mentorship has shaped many leaders, including myself,” Amuriat expressed in a somber tone earlier on Thursday.

His kind words and deep admiration for the late Cecilia Ogwal have struck a chord with the people of Dokolo, garnering support for Alwoc’s candidacy. 

Amuriat’s endorsement is a significant boost for Dr Alwoc, who has promised to continue her mother’s legacy and agenda of championing girl child education.

Amuriat’s involvement in the Dokolo by-election goes beyond mere endorsements.

He has been on the ground, tirelessly campaigning and mobilizing support for Dr Alwoc Ogwal.

His approachable nature and grassroots connections have enabled him to connect with the people of Dokolo, making him a valuable asset in later Cecilia’s daughter campaign.

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