MP Felix Okot: Dr. Obote’s Name Holds No Power in Dokolo By-Election Campaign, Son Akena Should Not Brag

By Ouni Jaspher

Dokolo March 16

Dokolo residents are gearing up for a highly contested by-election, with candidates from various parties and independents campaigning vigorously for the seat. 

One candidate, Sarah Aguti of the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party, has been garnering attention for her family name – the legendary Apollo Milton Obote. 

However, one prominent figure in the district, MP Felix Okot, has boldly stated that there is no power in the name of Dr Obote, and his son Akena should not use it as a means of gaining support for Aguti.

In a recent campaign rally, MP Okot, who is also campaigning for the National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidate Janet Rose Adongo Elau, made a strong statement against Akena’s braggadocio. 

He revealed that it was his own father Neri Ogong who brought Dr Obote from Nairobi to contest for the presidency in Uganda. 

Okot emphasized that Akena should not take pride in his father’s name, as it was not solely responsible for his success.

Furthermore, MP Okot shared a personal experience with the audience, stating that he was originally a member of the UPC party and even met with Cecilia Ogwal, a well-known figure in the party. 

However, Ogwal had been chased out of the party by Dr Obote himself, prompting her to suggest that Okot should start a new office on Nkumba road in Kampala. Despite this offer, Okot refused and eventually joined the NRM party.

When asked about the potential for change in leadership, Okot firmly declared that the NRM party is the only one with a clear vision for developing Uganda. 

He urged voters not to overlook NRM candidates in any position, as they are the ones who can bring positive change to the country.

Janet Rose Adongo Elau, the NRM candidate, has also promised to address the concerns of her constituents by requesting support from President Museveni. 

She believes that her affiliation with the ruling party will benefit her in bringing tangible solutions to the issues faced by the community.

Meanwhile, NRM Vice Chairperson for Dokolo Jacco Opio Angeny confidently stated that there is no other party capable of taking over from the NRM in Dokolo district. 

This sentiment was echoed by Rosemary Sseninde, the Director of Mobilization for the NRM party, who expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support shown by supporters in all their daily activities. 

She added that many have defected from other political parties to join the NRM, a clear sign that they will emerge victorious in the by-election.

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