Ugandan High Commissioner Sparks Political Excitement in Agwata, Adok, and Agwata Town Council

By Ouni Jaspher

Dokolo March 17

The atmosphere in three sub counties of Agwata, Adok and Agwata town council was on Sunday electrifying as Ugandan High Commissioner to South Africa, Paul Amoru, Joined Reinforcement Efforts at NRM Camp as Political Influencer.

Amoru, a seasoned politician and influential figure in the NRM party, has been deployed to Dokolo to reinforce the party’s campaign efforts. 

His arrival has caused quite a stir as people flocked to see him, eager to hear his message and rally behind the NRM candidate Janet Rose Adongo Elau.

As the campaign trail heated up, Amoru wasted no time in immersing himself in the local community. 

He held rallies, met with influential leaders, spreading the NRM’s message of progress and development.

The people of Dokolo were captivated by his charismatic personality and were swayed by his eloquent speeches. 

Amoru has praised Adongo for her impressive track record and her contribution so far to the development of Dokolo district. 

He specifically highlighted her efforts in introducing the voucher plus system, which has greatly benefited over 18,000 mothers and their babies in Dokolo.

Amoru also reminded the public that the NRM government has made significant contributions to Dokolo district, including the 16 billion pipe water project and the regional agricultural mechanization center. 

With all these accomplishments and contributions, Amoru urged the voters in Dokolo to cast their votes for the NRM flag bearer Janet Rose Adongo Elau. 

He believes that she is the best candidate to continue the progress and development in the district. 

When questioned about the political landscape in Dokolo, Amoru clarified that previous candidate FDC’s Cecilia Ogwal was voted in based on her national reputation but this does not necessarily make Dokolo a stronghold for FDC. 

In a surprising turn of events, Amoru has also taken the initiative to promote unity and peace among the different candidates and their supporters. 

He has announced that more candidates may step down in favor of the NRM flag bearer, Janet Rose Adongo Elau before polling date.

To further solidify their support for Janet Rose Adongo Elau, President Yoweri Museveni will be visiting Dokolo on March 19 to campaign for her.

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