Dr Hanna Grace Lalam steps down in favor of NRM candidate

LBS editorial 

The political landscape in Dokolo has recently seen a major shift as Dr Anna Grace Lalam Atine, who was initially running as an independent candidate, has announced her decision to step down in favor of the NRM candidate, Janet Rose Adongo Elau. 

This surprising move comes after a serious meeting in Nwoya district, as confirmed by Bonny Alilo, the political assistant to Lalam.

Dokolo by-election, which is set to take place on 21st March, has been a highly anticipated event in the District. 

However, with only 6 remaining candidates, the race has taken a new turn with the withdrawal of Dr Anna Grace Lalam Atine.

 This news has left many wondering about the reasons behind this decision and what impact it will have on the by-election.

On the other hand, this move has been welcomed by the NRM party and its supporters, who see it as a strategic move to solidify their chances of winning the by-election. 

Janet Rose Adongo Elau, the NRM candidate, is a familiar face in the political scene of Dokolo and is well known for her community development initiatives. 

Her candidacy has been met with enthusiasm and support from the NRM party members and the local community.

The Dokolo by-election has been closely watched by political analysts, as it is seen as a test of public perception towards the ruling party. 

The NRM party has been facing criticism in recent times, and this by-election is seen as an opportunity for them to regain confidence from the people. 

With the withdrawal of Dr Anna Grace Lalam Atine and the support of other independent candidates, the NRM party is now in a stronger position to secure the seat in Dokolo

The decision of Dr Anna Grace Lalam Atine to step down and endorse the NRM flag bearer has sparked debates among the citizens of Dokolo.

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