Uganda’s President Urges a Shift in Political Mindset for the Sake of National Progress

By Ouni Jaspher

Dokolo March 19.

In a recent campaign rally for the NRM (National Resistance Movement) party’s candidate for the Dokolo by-election, President Yoweri Museveni addressed the issue of wasting time in harmonizing politics.

He emphasized the negative impact this has on the country and urged people to focus on their duties instead of getting caught up in divisive politics.

During his speech, Museveni stressed the importance of politics being about what is best for the people, not about identity.

He shared his personal experience, dating back to 1960 when he joined the Democratic Party (DP) due to politics of identity in Ankole region.

He went on to recount how, in September 1970, he again joined the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) and encouraged his people to join the army. Unfortunately, they refused and as a result, the government was overthrown by former president Idi Amin.

The President’s statement highlighted the need for a change in mind set when it comes to politics in Uganda. He called for people to put aside their differences and work towards a common goal – the development and prosperity of the nation.

Museveni also took the opportunity to thank his daughter, Dr. Lalam Anna Grace, and those who stepped down in support of his candidate, reminding everyone that humbly submitting to the will of the people is not a sign of weakness, a message that was well received by NRM supporters in Atabu Primary School, where the rally took place.

According to President, One of the main reasons to support the NRM candidate is due to the remarkable development that the NRM government has achieved in a relatively short period of time.

Upon taking office in 1986, President Museveni said he inherited a country with a power generating capacity of only 50 MW, located in Jinja district. However, under his leadership, Uganda has now reached a capacity of 2000 MW – a significant increase in just a few decades.

Moreover, President Museveni has also acknowledged that there is a need to improve the distribution of electricity to rural areas.

Museveni said it is also worth noting that under the NRM government, education has been a top priority. When President Museveni took office, there were only five “A” level schools in the entire country. In Lango, the region where Dokolo district is located, there was no secondary school before independence.

However, fast forward to today, and Dokolo alone has 10 secondary schools – a testament to the government’s efforts to provide quality education to all its citizens.

President Museveni highlighted some of the major achievements of his government, including the provision of basic necessities such as sugar, soap, salt and health facilities at grassroots level.

During his second rally at Amatiburu primary school, President Museveni emphasized the importance of good leadership in bringing about these developments.

He stated that under the leadership of other political parties, such as UPC and FDC, the country did not see any progress. However, with the NRM in power, Uganda is now a shining example of a well-managed and developed nation.

In reference to the provision of basic necessities that were once lacking in the grassroots level, President Museveni made it clear that these were not achieved through any form of witchcraft, but through proper allocation of funds and strategic planning.

One issue that has been plaguing the country’s healthcare system is the inadequate supply of drugs in health facilities. President Museveni acknowledged this problem and pointed out that it is often caused by corrupt health workers who steal the drugs.

He urged voters to support leaders who have a strong stance against corruption and who prioritize the well-being of the people.

President Museveni also took the opportunity to challenge other political parties, such as FDC, UPC, and NUP, to state what they have done or plan to do for Uganda.

Despite the progress and achievements made by the NRM government, President Museveni did not shy away from admitting mistakes.

He recognized that he had previously promised a school bus for Dokolo technical school but had not followed through. He attributed this to lack of seriousness from his staffs whom he termed them as people learning how to run the Government.

Before leaving the ground, President Museveni appointed NRM chairperson for Dokolo district Betrace Abang Molly as the resident district commissioner in his government awaiting deployment.

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