From NRM to UPC: Francis Ojok Returns to His Political Roots Amidst Discontent

By Moses Obwona

Dokolo: Former aspirant for Dokolo North Parliamentary seat, Francis Ojok, is making headlines with his decision to return to his former party, Uganda People’s Congress (UPC), just few months after defecting to the National Resistance Movement (NRM). 

This surprising move has caused a stir in the political scene, with many wondering about Ojok’s motivations. 

Ojok, who was the UPC flag bearer for Dokolo North in the 2021 general elections, made headlines when he crossed over to the ruling NRM party along with other UPC and National Unity Platform (NUP) members in 2022.

The move was met with mixed reactions, with some praising Ojok for his “political maturity” while others criticized him for betraying his party.

However, on Wednesday November 30th, 2022, Ojok joined a group of converts from the Lango sub-region, led by Mr. Geoffrey Etwop, in joining NRM and the official reception was held at the NRM party headquarters in Nakasero, Kampala, with the party’s Secretary-General, Rt. Hon. Richard Todwong, welcoming them.

Among the defectors from Dokolo district was Ojok’s fellow aspirant for the LC5 position, Denis Ekoch, and Ocen Kibukka, who ran for Dokolo South as a member of Parliament under NUP ticket. 

The event was attended by the party’s Director for the Diaspora, Maj (Rtd) Awich Pollar, Hon. James Olobo Dubai, the Chairperson of NRM in Amolator district, among other party leaders from the Lango sub-region.

But Ojok’s return to NRM did not stop at that. On July 30th, 2023, he and the other converts were officially received by Dokolo district party officials at a conference held at Dokolo Catholic parish hall. This event was chaired by the NRM Chairperson for Dokolo district, Abang Beatrice Molly.

In an exclusive interview on Wednesday 27th March, 2024, Ojok clarified his position, saying that he had never left UPC and that he was still the party’s flag bearer for Dokolo North until 2026. 

He also revealed that he was not given a “soft-landing” when he joined NRM, which prompted him to return to his former party.

Ojok’s decision to return to UPC has raised questions about his motives, with some speculating that he was not given a good position or enough recognition within the NRM party. But whatever his reasons may be, he remains firm in his belief that he belongs to UPC and will continue to work towards the party’s goals.

The Chairperson of UPC, Angelous Ocen Ogwal, and NRM’s Abang Beatrice Molly have both stated that they have not received any official notice from Ojok regarding his return to UPC.

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