Kumam Cultural Leader Encourages Active Involvement in Uganda’s National Census.

By Harman Ebalu

In Uganda, the Kumam people have always been known for their rich cultural heritage and strong sense of community. And now, their cultural leader, His Highness Raphael Otaya, is rallying his subjects to actively participate in the upcoming National population census.

During his recent appearance on the “Etok me Kumam” program on LBS Radio on 28th April, 2024, Otaya urged the people of Kumam to take part in the census, emphasizing the importance of this exercise in helping the government plan effectively for both the Kumams and the entire country.

“Participating in this census is crucial for the development and progress of our beloved Kumam community. It will provide vital information on our population, age and sex distribution, as well as our household composition and size. This data will play a significant role in determining the needs of different segments of our population,” Otaya stated.

As the country prepares for the National population and Housing Census 2024, Otaya’s words serve as a reminder of the important role that each and every individual plays in shaping the future of their community and their country.

Furthermore, Otaya also used this opportunity to address the issue of poverty among the Kumam youth. 

He urged them to steer away from luxury and embrace hard work as a means of fighting poverty.

“We must all work together to create a better future for our youth. It is time for them to realize that hard work and dedication are the keys to success, not a life of luxury,” Otaya stressed.

Similarly, another leader, Paul Etwomu, echoed Otaya’s sentiments and encouraged the youth to take advantage of the current rainy season to cultivate and grow crops. 

He also urged them to embrace government programs such as the Parish Development Model and Emyoga, which are aimed at eradicating poverty.

As the National population and Housing Census draws near, the Kumam community must come together and participate in this exercise to ensure accurate data is collected.

This data will ultimately help the government in making informed decisions for the betterment of the Kumams and the entire nation.

Uganda is set to conduct the National population and Housing Census 2024. The census will be done in 10 days starting on 9th May 2024 with census night 

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