Dokolo District Councilor Stands Up for Workers’ Rights

In the Dokolo district of Uganda, male councilor representing workers Christopher Odwe is taking a stand for the rights of workers. 

With the recent warning to Chief Administrative Officer Dokolo Richard Madete, Odwe is determined to ensure that workers are treated fairly and according to the law.

This comes at a critical time as the world commemorates International Labour Day, with a focus on the safety and health of workers.

The theme for this year’s International Labour Day is, “ensuring safety and health at work in a changing climate”, particularly relevant in the context of Dokolo district. 

Odwe, who also serves as the deputy speaker of Dokolo district local government, has noticed a concerning trend in the district’s schools – the rampant practice of deploying workers as caretakers in different positions without following proper procedures.

“Am here cautioning Chief Administrative Officer that all care taking positions must be scrapped off before I seek legal redress,” Odwe firmly stated. 

According to him, only acting positions are legally allowed, not caretaking positions. 

He believes that this practice not only goes against the law, but also puts workers at risk.

Odwe emphasized the importance of promoting workers who are capable of fulfilling their roles, and removing those who are unable to meet expectations. 

He stated, “If you deploy someone to act or care take in the office, promote them. If they are unable to do to the expectation, please remove them and replace rather than keeping them without the safety of their work.”

For Odwe, the well-being of workers is a top priority. He believes that before he leaves office, workers in Dokolo district should be able to enjoy their work without fear of mistreatment. 

Quoting the book of Hebrews chapter 6:10, he emphasized the need for equal treatment for all individuals, including those working in the public service.

Recently the Finance Ministry Permanent secretary Ramathan Ngoobi warned accounting officers against irregular enrollment of temporary workers on to the public sector payroll 

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