Dokolo LC5 chairperson donates Raw Cassava to flood victims

The district, which is still waiting for a response from the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), is facing a dire situation as families have been displaced and left with nothing.

They have lost their homes, their belongings, and their source of livelihood yet they deserve better and urgent action is needed to alleviate their suffering. 

In the face of natural disasters, it is the responsibility of government to step up and support their communities. 


In the midst of the devastating floods that hit Dokolo district, LC5 who double as Regional Vice Chairperson of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party, James Otto Apili, did exactly that.

He did not wait for the government’s aid, but took it upon himself to support the flood victims with raw cassava.

According to Apili, he visited the affected areas and compiled a list of the victims on April 13, 2024. He then took this list to the Office of the Prime Minister on April 17, hoping for swift support to be provided. 

However, despite his efforts, the flood victims in Dokolo have yet to receive any assistance.



With determination and a heart for his community, Apili refused to sit idle while his people suffered from hunger. 

He shared his own limited resources of Raw cassava to provide relief to the affected households. 

Speaking passionately, Apili said, “As a leader, I can’t wait for the government to provide aid when my people are dying of hunger.”

What is even more commendable is that Apili is also the secretary of Yele Ikom Can Farmers Association (YICAFA), one of the leading farmer’s groups in the area.

This group is known for its high production of cassava. It is heartening to see a leader not only taking care of his people, but also utilizing the resources available to him for the greater good.


On April 15, the district wrote to the Office of the Prime Minister, seeking aid for the flood victims. However, it is leaders like Apili and other humanitarian crisis groups who truly understand the urgency of the matter. 

Dr. Rosemary Austin Alwoc Ogwal, the elder daughter of the late Cecilia Ogwal MP, also emphasized the need for government involvement and urged for support from crisis groups to join hands and assist Dokolo flood victims.

“In such dire situations, it is crucial for government and humanitarian organizations to act swiftly and provide necessary aid to those affected” Alwoc said.

She stressed that the floods in Dokolo have caused significant damage and have left many families in need of basic necessities. 

“It is vital for the government to not only provide aid, but also take preventive measures to avoid similar disasters in the future” She added.

In the area of Akwote “A” cell Kacung Western word, located in Agwata town council, Odur Moses, the LC1 chairperson, reports that a total of 38 households have been completely displaced.

Oyuku Denis, the LC1 chairperson of Agerinono cell, confirms the dire situation as well, reporting that 47 households have been forced to seek shelter in other people’s land, trading centers, and government institutions.

Gideon Odongo Opio, the LC1 chairperson of Acungapenyi cell in Agwata town council, is calling on the government to provide full support to the 48 households in his area.

“These families are in urgent need of assistance as they struggle to find a place to call home” He said.

But it’s not just the loss of homes that is affecting the well-being of the people in Dokolo district. John Obel, the LC2 chairperson of Kacung Western word, highlights the impact of the floods on education. 

He shares that the floods have reduced the standard of education in Agwata and the surrounding areas. 

Akello Winnie Okumu, who represents Kacung Western word to Agwata town council, emphasizes the need for continuous health education in the area. 

She points out that the situation where toilet systems are mixed up with drinking water sources, among other health hazards, requires serious sensitization.

Akello is also calling for more than just food aid from the government. 

She stresses the need for permanent housing and other basic necessities for the flood victims. 

“The support needed goes far beyond temporary relief and requires long-term solutions to help these families rebuild their lives” Akello noticed.

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