Prepare to be Counted: Dokolo District Census Committee Issues Reminder

The Chairperson of the Dokolo District Census Committee, Richard Madete, also the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of Dokolo, is urging each and every one to be prepared for the upcoming census. 

In a meeting held on Thursday, Madete emphasized the importance of being counted and how it directly impacts the allocation of government resources.

The census is more than just a headcount. It is a vital tool used by the government to understand the needs and demographics of its population. 

According to Madete, the data collected will be used to plan for services such as healthcare, education, clean water, and infrastructure like roads which he said are crucial for the well-being and development of every community.

During the meeting, the Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Akech Babra, also called upon those who may be planning to resist or sabotage the census to stop. 


“The census is a government program, and any form of resistance is considered a criminal offense” She said.

Hon Ogwal Nam Francis, representing the Chairperson of the Local Council V (LC V), echoed the same sentiments, urging political leaders to mobilize and encourage their constituents to be counted. 

He emphasized that every individual matters and their participation in the census will directly impact the development of their community. 

Ogwal added that the data collected will also aid in the creation of new administrative units, ensuring that service delivery reaches every corner of Dokolo District.

To ensure the success of the census, Dokolo District Census Officer, Ogwal Alfred, mentioned that the training of enumerators and supervisors is ongoing in all lower local governments. 

He also called upon the community members to cooperate and provide necessary assistance to the enumerators during the census exercise.

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