Gov’t Promises Aid For Dokolo Flood Victims Next Week

The Minister of State for Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Refugees, Lillian Aber, has just announced that relief aid will be given to the flood victims in Dokolo district next week.

This comes after the district submitted their disaster report to the office of the Permanent Secretary of the Prime Minister on April 15 

She also explained that despite the disaster report being sent to the office of the Permanent Secretary at the Prime Minister’s office on April 15, the relief aid was not delivered due to lack of transport vehicles.

Ms Aber also mentioned that the relief aid trucks were sent to Karamoja sub-region, which was facing a similar crisis. 

However, she assured that as soon as the trucks return next week, the relief aid will be delivered to Dokolo.

She stated, “I am aware of the disaster in Dokolo and we had already packed their relief aid. However, our trucks were sent to Karamoja sub-region for a similar emergency.

Dr Rosemary Austin Alwoc Ogwal, the elder daughter of the late Cecilia Barbara Atim Ogwal, former Dokolo woman Member of Parliament, has recently extended a helping hand to the flood victims of Adeknino.

Despite not being voted to represent the people of Dokolo in the recent by-election, Dr Ogwal remains committed to serving her community and continuing her late mother’s legacy.

During her visit to Adeknino, Dr Ogwal provided much-needed relief aids to the affected families, including beans and posho.

She expressed her sympathy for the victims and reassured them of her support while they wait for government assistance. 

The Adeknino Sub County chairperson, Fredrick Ogwal, expressed his gratitude towards Dr Ogwal’s support and acknowledged that 17 out of the 42 villages in the area have been severely affected by the flood, leaving over 400 households displaced.

However, Mr Ogwal also highlighted that relief aid is not a long-term solution for the affected families. 

He appealed to the authorities to take decisive action and relocate the flood victims to a government land near Koroto government prison. 

One of the residents, Olum John Calvin, who operates a public boat given by late Cecilia Ogwal for inter-village movements in Awelo parish, Adeknino Sub County, also requested for an engine board to aid in his work. 

This further highlights the dire situation faced by the flood victims and the need for immediate action.

The flood in Dokolo district has caused significant damage to homes and livelihoods, leaving many families in desperate need of assistance. 

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