LC1 Chairman Urges Parents to Curb Misbehavior in Dokolo Town Council

James Ekuju, the local Council one chairperson of Acungapenyi cell, a peaceful and tranquil village located within the Dokolo town council in Northern Uganda has pushed the community to take a strict stance on the behavior of children in the area, especially during the night. 

Ekuju was addressing mourners at the burial of Maria Alimo, 85, who tragically lost her life in a motor accident along the Dokolo-Bata road.

Ekuju said the rate of animal theft has become alarming, and it has led the community to make a decision. 

“They hm resolved that no children should be seen roaming the streets of Acungapenyi cell at night” he said .

According to Ekuju, this strict measure is being taken to protect the community and their livestock from potential theft. 

Ekuju further added that if any child is caught breaking this rule, the first punishment will be to cane them before handing them over to the police.

This bold decision comes with consequences, as Ekuju warned that those caught will face a beating before being handed over to the police.

Adding to this concern is the excessive consumption of alcohol in the area. 

Bosco Adoko, the LC3 chairperson for Dokolo sub county, highlighted the negative impact of this habit on the development of households.

“With household funds being spent on alcohol, there is less available for essential needs such as education and healthcare” he noted.

Adoko went as far as advising women to start collecting their husbands who drink beyond leisure time to prevent such loss of funds.

According to Adoko this simple action can help prevent the loss of household funds and contribute to the overall development of the community.

The consequences of these issues are not just financial. John Ewinya, the Clan head of BASERE ME AOT WINYO, also came in with a warning against wrong-doing. 

In a firm voice, he reminded his subjects to stay away from any illegal activities that could destabilize the peace and harmony their community enjoys.

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