International Women’s Day: Dokolo to Honor the Trailblazing Legacy of Uganda’s Iron Lady Cecilia Ogwal

Dokolo District is all set to commemorate the belated Women’s Day on Friday, May 17, 2024.

This day holds great significance as it recognises and celebrates the achievements and contributions of women in our society.

The United Nations declared March 8 as the International Women’s Day, with this year’s theme being “Count Her In: Accelerating Gender Equality through Economic Empowerment”. 

The District’s Chief Administrative Officer, Richard Madete, has invited the public to join in the celebrations at Dokolo primary school, located in Dokolo town council. 

It is also an opportunity to reflect on the challenges that women face and how we can all work towards a more equitable world. 

This year’s theme emphasises the need for economic empowerment of women, as it plays a vital role in achieving gender equality.

Dokolo District has been striving towards gender equality and women’s empowerment, with various initiatives and policies in place.

The event will feature various activities, including speeches from prominent figures, cultural performances among others.

This celebration is not limited to women only; men, youth, and children are all encouraged to participate and show their support towards gender equality.

Dr. Rosemary Alwoc Ogwal, former aspirant in the recently concluded Woman MP by-elections, said, “Ever since Dokolo District was established by the Parliament of Uganda in 2005, we had the late Hon Atat Cecilia Atim Ogwal at the forefront of national events celebrating International Women’s Day. 

Late Cecilia Ogwal greeting players of LBS Radio during 2022 women's day celebration at Angwecibange Primary school Play ground  


She noted that on 17 May 2024, they will remember how her life demonstrated that a girl from a humble rural background can challenge gender stereotypes, become an Iron Lady and architect of Uganda’s vibrant multiparty democracy. That is one of her enduring legacies.  

Alwoc said since February 2024, the late Hon Atat Cecilia Atim Ogwal work in Dokolo has continued. 1,005 female led groups have received substantial financial contributions to savings schemes that empower participation in economic activity. 

Dr Rosemary Alwoc awarding 2023 PLE best performers

“I gave 180 of Dokolo District’s top performing students a bursary and mattress increasing female access to secondary education” Alwoc said adding that 50 orphans continue to receive sponsorship, as well as students that excelled from other districts in Lango sub region.  

According to her, there will also be sponsorship of ‘child mothers’ in Dokolo District enabling thousands of them to access education or business opportunities.  

She adds that work continues to achieve gender parity through academic sponsorship, improving access to infrastructure, female participation in sport i.e. the Owiny Manasi Cup and sponsoring leaders, of all political persuasions without discrimination, so we have effective female representation at all levels of public service and life.

Climate change disproportionally impacts the health and wellbeing of women and girls. 

“I work in collaboration with local leaders to regularly check on communities affected by flooding and personally support them.”

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