MP Okot Receives High Praise for Revolutionizing Dokolo Churches.

Dokolo South Member of Parliament Felix Okot has proven himself to be a dedicated and committed leader, with a deep sense of responsibility towards the development of his community.

As the 2026 general election approaches, his actions have inspired his electorates, leaving a lasting impression on their minds.

On his Sunday visit to the sub-counties of Okwongodul and Kangai, MP Okot demonstrated his unwavering support for church development in his constituency.

Despite his long absence due to his commitments towards developmental matters, MP Okot took the time to visit and extends helping hand to seven different churches in the area in just a one day.

During his visit, MP Okot donated a substantial amount of money to various churches, including 500,000 Ugandan shillings to St. Paul Apenyoweo, and 1 million Ugandan shillings to St. Mathias Alut COU Apenyoweo, Oturorao and St. Thomas COU Ajaa B. 

He also donated 500,000 Ugandan shillings to Aneralibi COU, St. Thomas COU Adwila, and St. Janan Luwum COU Acwer, and pledged to send an additional 500,000 Ugandan shillings to support the cause at St. Janan Luwum COU Acwer.

MP Okot’s commitment towards supporting church development is commendable, as he puts the needs of his constituents before his personal projects. 

This is evident from his previous donations of 400 plastic chairs to all sub-counties of Dokolo South to assist in various events.

Furthermore, during his visit, MP Okot paid his respects to the late Cecilia Ogwal, expressing how she was the only one who could rescue him from the hands of the government. 

He also shared how his efforts to protect the locals by rallying fellow MPs against the government’s proposal to take over ownership of their land, did not sit well with President Museveni.

However, it was only through the intervention of the late Cecilia Ogwal, Bishop Acur Okodi, and Bishop Tom Ibrahim Okello that he was able to seek forgiveness from the President.

MP Okot’s actions and words have left a lasting impact on his constituents, inspiring them to stand by him and support his cause.

Geoffrey Weja Odyek, LC3 chairperson of Okwongodul sub county then made a request to Okot for onion projects to benefit the youth in the area. 

During a gathering, he expressed his gratitude to Okot for his efforts in cleaning off the grass thatched churches in Dokolo South.

According to Weja, this has significantly elevated the level of worshiping in the community. 

The speaker of Okwongodul Sub County local government also chimed in and thanked Okot for providing seats that are now being used in various events.

It is confirmed that Okot has been supporting all churches in Dokolo South by providing building materials, etc. 

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