Press Release: UPDF Recruit

The UPDF will conduct a general recruitment exercise of 9627 regular forces into Infantry forces. The actual recruitment exercise will commence on 01 July 24 and end on 14 July 2024. 
The procedure for this recruitment exercise shall be as follows;
  1. Aspiring candidates applying to join the regular force will get recommendations from LCI, LCII, LCIII, GISO and DISO. Thereafter, they will submit their application forms to the office of RDC where they will be registered and awaiting collection by the UPDF collection teams that will submit them to the office of Joint Staff Human Resource Management which will cause a shortlist.
  2. The list of successful applicants will be published/displayed on the District/City notice boards informing the shortlisted applicants to appear at designated recruitment centres for the final interviews.
  3. The recruitment shall be conducted using the projected population figures of each District/City of Uganda that forms the basis of recruitment quotas.


  4. The quotas for potential recruits are computed by the proportion of the population of each City/District of Uganda based on the updated population as of 25 Jun 23 by UBOS.
  5. The Regular Force Recruitment 2023/24 will be conducted throughout the entire country covering the 135 districts and 11 Cities.


  6. The recruitment coverage will be divided into 10 zones as shown below:
    (1) Buganda
    (2) Busoga
    (3) Bukedi / Teso
    (4) Mid Western
    (5) Kampala Extra
    (6) Rwenzori Region
    (7) Northern
    (8) Karamoja / Sebei
    (9) West Nile
    (10) Western
  7. Aspiring recruits shall be recommended by:
    (a) DISOs and GISOs
    (b) LCs


  8. The exercise shall last for 56 Days including submission, verification of applications and final recruitment of successful candidates.


  9. All participants in the recruitment exercise shall have a security pass.


  10. Eligible candidates are to meet the following requirements:
    a. Citizenship. MUST be a citizen of Uganda in possession of an original National Identity Card.
    b.Medical. Must be fit and ready to undergo medical and body fitness tests.
    c. Age. MUST be adult male or female between 18 – 22 years.
    d. Education Standard. Formal education strictly of S.4 (UCE) who finished in the year 2020 – 2023 and MUST have passed English and Mathematics.
    e. Application Letters duly signed by LCI, LCII & LCIII Chairpersons, GISO or DISO, and RDC are a MUST.
    f. Aspirants MUST be residents of the area, disciplined, and with no criminal record.

    The UPDF leadership calls upon all eligible candidates to take advantage of this opportunity to serve in the UPDF and wishes those who will succeed in this exercise good luck in their military careers where Patriotism, nationalism and Pan-Africanism are the basis of our service to all.

    Alluta Continua.

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