Dr. Alwoc’s Passionate Mission Continues

In the recent Dokolo by-election, Dr Rosemary Alwoc stood tall representing the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party. Despite not winning the election, she has proven that her dedication and passion for serving the people of Dokolo knows no bounds. 

In her campaign, she made it clear that she would continue her late mother Cecilia Ogwal’s legacy of supporting the centenarians of the district and community at large.

During her visit across Dokolo district after by-election, Alwoc extended a helping hand to the elderly who had previously received support from her late mother Cecilia Ogwal.

She firmly believes in the saying, “you cannot call yourself a Christian if you are not doing what Christ did”, and urges people to have the heart of helping one another. 

She reminds the electorate to pray for their leaders in hopes of changing their mindset towards the underprivileged.

One of the centenarians she visited was Mzee Saul Ayile, a 104-year-old former representative of Bata sub-county to Lango district council under UPC party.

Alwoc also paid tribute to the late Atum Kenneth, whose contributions reportedly helped her mother set her base in Dokolo politics and the FDC party. 

It is evident that Alwoc’s desire to continue her mother’s initiatives goes beyond political interests.

Recently Alwoc also donated relief food to flood victims of Dokolo district.

Apart from her efforts towards supporting the elderly, Alwoc has also joined forces with the Church of Christ in fighting against water crisis in the district. 

She has helped repair broken boreholes drilled by Church of Christ with the support of Healing Hands International, providing clean water to the people of Dokolo. 

This partnership has been confirmed by Joshua Ongia Opito, a representative of the Church of Christ. 

Samuel Ronald Okello, another representative of Church of Christ, has requested the sub county leaders to provide security to protect the projects that the church plans to bring to the community.

Dr Rosemary Alwoc’s actions have proven that she is not just a politician, but also a compassionate and selfless leader who genuinely cares for the people of Dokolo. 

She is determined to continue the legacy of her late mother and make a positive impact in the lives of the centenarians of the district.

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