Over 800 households get clean water in Dokolo North

By Denis Omiji Oyugi

After a decade-long wait, Johns Ogwal Omara, who is vying to be the Member of Parliament for Dokolo North in 2026, has given hope to over 800 people in the area by providing access to clean water. This follows a six-month water crisis caused by the technical breakdown of the community borehole.

Residents of Alanyi “A” village in Akolodong parish, Amwoma sub-county, Dokolo district, are elated to receive clean water after Johns Ogwal Omara repaired the borehole by installing a new pipe on Saturday, May 18, 2024.

Wilfred Odongo, the LC1 chairperson of Alanyi “A” village, stated that the borehole will now alleviate the community’s water crisis. He noted that despite numerous requests for support from leaders, their pleas had gone unanswered until Ogwal stepped in.

To ensure the sustainability of the borehole, Odongo proposed a strategy to collect funds from the community for future repairs. “We are going to establish a committee that will ensure every person benefiting from this clean water contributes a small amount of money to maintain our borehole,” Odongo said. “Whether you want to or not, we are going to collect 2,000 UGX from each person this May, and in June, we shall collect 1,000 UGX,” he added.

Paul Lukori, a resident of the same area, supported the initiative and emphasized the need for the committee to be trustworthy and safeguard the collected funds. “In most cases, money is collected and misused for personal gains, which is why we often suffer from sharing water sources with animals,” Lukori said.

Several residents expressed their gratitude to Johns Ogwal Omara for providing clean and safe drinking water. Sarah Ojede, a mother from Alanyi “A” village, shared her testimony of how God has helped them through Ogwal’s intervention and prayed for his success. “We have been suffering due to a lack of clean water, sharing sources with animals. The repair of this borehole will reduce the burden of diseases like diarrhea, typhoid, and other waterborne infections,” Sarah said.

Members of Alanyi “A” village have pledged their full support to Johns Ogwal Omara in the upcoming 2026 general elections. They are optimistic that if Ogwal represents Dokolo North, he will bring more support from the government.

Water scarcity has been a significant issue in Alanyi “A” village, with one borehole serving over 800 households, leading to overcrowding. The community continues to seek support for additional boreholes from well-wishers.

Johns Ogwal Omara commended the people of Dokolo North for their patience and promised to support other sub-counties and villages in the region, regardless of the election outcome. He expressed his commitment to alleviating the suffering of his people and ensuring timely government support through his representation.

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