MP Felix Okot Gives Much Needed Aid to Flood Victims and School in Dokolo South

Dokolo South Member of Parliament Felix Okot has once again proved himself as a true leader by donating a boat worth 1.6 million to the flood victims of Adeknino, a sub county in Dokolo district.

This is the second boat that Okot has donated to the flood victims, in an effort to ease inter-parish movement after the devastating floods washed away roads in the area.

Amidst the devastation caused by the recent floods, the people of Adeknino Sub County have been left reeling in despair.

With homes destroyed and belongings lost, the community has been struggling to cope with the aftermath of the disaster.

Moses Acana, the LC1 chairperson of Amuk village in Awelo parish Adeknino Sub county has appealed to the government for urgent intervention by providing land for the displaced persons to bury their relatives.

In an exclusive interview, Acana shared the heart-wrenching reality of the situation.   

He explained that the floods have not only destroyed homes and livelihoods, but have also comes with other killer diseases search as; Malaria, bilharzia, gonorrhea, etc which according to him is killing people.

Acana further added, “We are loosing our love ones and we have no proper place to bury them. 

“It is a devastating situation and we urgently need the government’s assistance.” Acana said.

Tonny Okwir, the LC1 chairperson of Bata Ebwol village, highlighted the importance of the boat to help ease transportation for the affected families.

“With the land submerged, it was extremely difficult for us to transport dead bodies from Bata Ebwol village to Amuk village where well-wishers are giving us burial grounds” Okwir explained.

The lack of proper burial grounds is not only a practical issue, but also an emotional and psychological burden for the affected families. 

In addition to the boat donation, Okot also extended his helping hand to Angai primary school in Kangai town council by donating 15 bags of cement to aid in the renovation of the pupils’ dormitory. 

Speaking to this website, Jimmy Okwanga the chairperson Angai Primary School says the school authorities had requested for assistance in this regard and Okot, being the dedicated leader that he is, responded promptly.

During his visit to the constituency, Okot, who has been compared to Jesus for his selfless and dedicated service to his community, expressed his disappointment over the negative attacks made against him. 

He stated, “I have worked tirelessly with the government to bring about development in our district, such as school construction, electricity connection, roads construction, and healthcare facilities. After all these efforts, why should anyone still question my leadership?”

Drawing a comparison to the biblical story of Judas betraying Jesus, Okot urged the locals to support those who support them and to stay away from betrayal. 

He highlighted the fact that just like Judas, who was once a disciple and treasurer to Jesus, people can easily be deceived with material gains to turn against their leaders.

During his visit, the deputy in charge of Awelo Health Center III, Awor Susan, also shared the challenges that the facility is facing. 

She appealed to MP Okot for his support in paying the remaining balance of 4.7 million to the owner of the land where the facility is built. 

She also highlighted the urgent need for more staff members, as the facility currently has only 11 staff out of the required 19.

In addition to these challenges, Awelo Health Center III is also facing issues such as lack of a kitchen, inadequate staff accommodation, and no electricity. 

The facility is also in urgent need of a fence for security purposes.

True to his word, Okot stepped in and promised to pay the remaining balance of 4.7 million to ensure the smooth operation of the health facility. 

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