Amuka Youth Group Launches Piggery Project with NAADS Support to Combat Poverty in Dokolo District

By: Harman Ebalu (

Dokolo. In a bid to alleviate poverty, the Amuka Youth Group in Dokolo district has launched a piggery project with support from the National Agricultural Advisory Services Programme (NAADS). This initiative follows a proposal submitted to the NAADS executive director through Dokolo district officials.

On June 4, 2024, ninety pigs, including large white and Cambridge breeds, were received at the Dokolo district headquarters and officially handed over by district officials. According to Lazarus Okiror, the Manager of Peace Investment Company Limited, the consignment included 31 male and 51 female pigs.

The project aims to benefit sixty members from eight sub-counties in Dokolo North, namely Dokolo sub-county, Amwoma, Okwalongwen, Bata Sub County, Bata town council, Agwata Sub County, Agwata town council, and Adok.

LC V Chairperson James Otto Apilli cautioned the youth against selling the pigs provided by NAADS, emphasizing the government’s intent to follow up on the project. “As I commission these pigs to Amuka Youth, I urge the beneficiaries to avoid selling off government support,” Apilli said. He further encouraged the youth to view this support as an opportunity to drive development and lift themselves out of poverty. “If you have been sleeping, this is the right time to wake up and think about development,” he added.

Richard Madete, the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of Dokolo District, applauded NAADS for their support and promised to provide a detailed report after the pigs are distributed to the beneficiaries. He highlighted this initiative as part of President Museveni’s four-acre plan to combat poverty.

Okello Emmanuel Aruki, the chairperson of Amuka Youth Group, confirmed to the media that 90 pigs will be distributed across nine sub-counties in Dokolo North. Aruki stated that sub-county chairpersons heading the Amuka Youth Group will receive two pigs each, while parish-level members will receive one pig per head. He urged beneficiaries to take good care of the animals and promised to monitor the project closely.

The Amuka Youth Group also expressed gratitude to NAADS Technical Staff member Ogwal Kasemiro for his support in submitting their proposal. Beneficiaries Ocen Policarp Apea and Mirriam Okori commended NAADS and district leaders for their substantial support.

Amuka Youth Group was established in 2019 by Kasule Lumumba in Lira to operate across the Lango sub-region, aiming to unite youth and foster development. This is the first time the group is benefiting under the leadership of Okello Emmanuel Aruki, also known as Ras Pk de Icon or Kells Emma, in Dokolo District.


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